2016 Shelter Service Award: Jean Wellington

2016 Shelter Service Award: Jean Wellington

Each dog and cat coming through the doors of our animal shelter brings its own unique story.   With love and skill, our dedicated staff and volunteers learn about the needs of each animal in their care and work together to find them good homes.

Each year, Orcas APS recognizes one individual whose extraordinary service deserves special recognition. This year, we are delighted to honor Jean Wellington with our 2016 Shelter Service Award.

If you’re at the Animal Shelter on a Monday afternoon, you’ll likely find Jean visiting her feline friends in one of the communal cat rooms.   Caring for dozens of cats takes lots of housekeeping, but while scooping and sweeping, Jean always has time to visit and play with each of the cats living at the shelter.

As a long time island resident, Jean understands how the work of our animal shelter has changed the lives of so many homeless animals and the people who care for them and adopt them. To chronicle the ongoing story of Orcas APS, Jean has assumed the immense job of managing our historical records.  Each week, Jean collects information about the shelter’s work, including newspaper articles, pet of the week stories, shelter manager updates, special event activities, and photographs. Jean devotes countless hours to carefully preserving and adding these documents to our historical collection, providing a permanent history of our work with animals.

Congratulations Jean!  And thanks to all our outstanding volunteers and staff for your continued dedication to helping homeless animals.

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