A Triple Dose of Love by Lovella R. Daoust

A Triple Dose of Love by Lovella R. Daoust

On an ordinary Wednesday in August I headed to one of my favorite spots on Orcas Island, Orcas Island Animal Protection Society where my daughter Alina is a volunteer.   I planned to pet the kitties, indulge in a chat with the hard-working staff who’ve become our friends, then head home with my girl to care for the pair of frisky young felines we had adopted only weeks before.   Instead, I fell in love with a Chihuahua.

“Mom, you have to see the new dog,” Alina said.  “I spent the afternoon with her.  Come on.”  She led the way towards the kennels to introduce me to her new friend.

Within minutes, I sat cross-legged on the floor staring into the sweet yet anxious brown eyes of Flower, a Chihuahua mix who’d been surrendered earlier in the week and was struggling to adjust. Over the next few days, we helped care for Flower.  Two weeks later, she joined our family for good.

Weighing in on our recent adoptions, my son Evan says, “Adopting Berlioz, Toulouse, and Flower has made our home more cheerful.  They all get along and entertain us and themselves all the time.”   Alina adds, “I can’t imagine life without them!”

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