We Can Help

There’s a place in your community where the hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered, and the abandoned are comforted. It’s the Orcas Animal Shelter, where care is provided for our homeless animals. The Orcas Animal Shelter also offers many other services for pets and their owners.

To do all this, we rely on the support of people like you. Whether you’re here to spend some time with our furry friends, find a new pet, or have concerns about animal issues, we love to help both the two and the 4-legged members of our Orcas community.

The Mission of the Orcas Animal Protection Society is to promote the humane care of animals by educating the public about responsible pet care and adopting dogs and cats into loving homes

Services We Provide

  • Accepting stray or relinquished animals
  • Offering cats and dogs for adoption
  • Training volunteers in animal care
  • Scanning for microchip identification
  • Feral cat testing for FIV and Leukemia
  • Spaying or neutering of cats and dogs
  • San Juan County dog license

Services We Do NOT Provide

  • Accepting any wild animals
  • Accepting gravely injured animals
  • Boarding owned animals
  • Euthanizing animals (rare exceptions)

Orcas APS Care

Retired nurses volunteer their time to help Dr. Joe Gaydos every week to provide needed medical care, vaccinations, and to spay and neuter all animals before they are released for adoption

Orcas APS Staff

  • Marsha Waunch, Manager
  • Mary Rancourt, Asst Manager Ops
  • Rosie Miller, Asst Manager Admin
  • Kara O’Toole, Asst Manager
  • Phil Burbo, Shelter Caretaker

Ex Officio

  • Phyllis Wilkinson

Orcas APS Board

  • Dr. Sally Hodson, President
  • Margaret Mills, Vice President
  • Lisa Kaylor, Treasurer
  • Alice Hachee, Secretary
  • Colleen Armstrong
  • Patty Miller
  • Anne Presson
  • Chase Woodward

Orcas Animal Protection Society Forms

Orcas APS operates with complete transparency and makes available the policies and rules under which it operates and also its required filing with the IRS.  Click on the links below to download PDF copies of the forms.